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Favourite Music Decade: 1970s

Animal Spirits: Audrey Hepburn & Emma Stone

"What you love to do shouldn't be defined by how much money, fame, or worldly desires you acquire but by how much fun it is to be doing something you love." ~ Olan Rogers

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    When you separate an entwined particle, and you move both parts away from the other, even on opposite ends of the universe if you alter or affect one, the other will be identically altered or affected. Spooky.

    Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) - Certified Fresh at 85%

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    be the person your dog thinks you are

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  • "Choose to spend your time wisely, choose to spend it perfecting your craft, always"
  • "It seems like many people think that if you drive yourself crazy, then you can write. I’m absolutely not interested in that. It made sense to me to be as whole and well as I could be, and as happy. I wanted to see what a fortunate life would produce. What writing would come out of a mind that didn’t try to torment itself? What did I have to know? What did I have to do rather than what can I torment and bend myself into doing? What was the fruit on that tree?"
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    There is something refreshingly unromantic about Philip Bloom’s responses in this interview. It’s an honesty that comes after spending decades in the industry, when all the frills and luster have worn off and all you’re left with is whether or not you still love what you do. Philip says he’s never been happier with his work, but he doesn’t have any illusions about what the life of a freelance filmmaker entails. There is a lot of sacrifice. A lot of stress. It can be hard to maintain relationships.

    Weirdly, it was good to hear these things. The freelance lifestyle is often overidealized and oversimplified. A lot of blogs out there will try to tell you how easy it is to print some business cards, build a client base, and start making bank. But take it from Philip: the life of a freelance creative, while potentially wonderful, is no walk in the park.

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  • "Writing starts with living."
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    There are no rules. Do what works. but it does help to see what others have done before you.

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    Sometimes I judge people by how much of The Princess Bride they can quote. 

    fun fact At my cousin’s wedding ceremony, his brother recited this to them as the best man speech and everyone started laughing and i think the bride started to cry

    If this is not recited at some point during my wedding I will be greatly disappointed.

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